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About Us

We are an independent, locally owned and operated gym. At Accolade Fitness, we are dedicated to providing our members with the best facilities to achieve their fitness goals. Our ample space and quality equipment will help you get in shape and feel great. We offer a wide range of classes, from yoga to high-intensity interval training, to suit your preferences and fitness level. Our tanning beds and sauna provide the perfect way to relax after a workout. Come visit us today and see what we can do for you.


"Been a member for several years. Great variety of equipment is well maintained and there are several dumbbell stations. Staff is great, many trainers work out of here. Highly recommend!"


"We go together almost everyday. Staff members are extremely nice and polite! They have pretty much every machine you’d need for a good workout. It also has a good diversity of people who go there. Highly recommend!"


"Honestly, I'm always super skeptical about gyms. Not because of the facilities, but the people that enroll in them. Accolade fitness was awesome when I first signed up, the staff is super friendly and extremely helpful. If you have questions, they have answers. My first workout I completed there today was a great success and my self consciousness melted away pretty quickly. The other members of the gym are relatively friendly, I was greeted with smiles, but mostly everyone keeps to themselves and focuses on what they're doing, which is exactly what I was hoping for. Accolade provides a wide variety of equipment for just about all your fitness needs, and the facility is super clean to boot. I'm looking forward to continuing my fitness journey with them"


"Great gym for a hard to beat price. Cardio and weight rooms in addition to a massive main area with every machine that you could need. I would recommend it to anyone in the Springs."


"This is the best gym hands down in Colorado Springs. The staff is so friendly and welcoming and the guests that work out there are well behaved people. This is the perfect gym for getting the right workout in a comfortable environment. Highly recommended."

3 Day Free Trial


Accolade Fitness offers a single $35 monthly rate to all members that includes these privileges: unlimited tanning, free classes, and bring one guest for free each and every time you work out. Cancel any time. There is a $49 annual fee charged once per year on the 1st of June, and a one-time $39 enrollment fee when first signing up.  We do our best to keep prices as low as we can while still providing the best possible equipment, service, and facilities.

We are also authorized to provide complimentary services to eligible members through Tivity (SilverSneakers and Prime Fitness), United Healthcare (Renew Active and One Pass) and American Specialty Health (Silver & Fit and Active & Fit). 

Try us out for free! We offer FREE 3-day trials for locals 18 years of age or older. Simply provide a local ID or a piece of mail with your name and local address.

Just passing through?  Day passes are $10 per person.  Ask about other options if you are here for an extended period of time.

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Group Class Schedule

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Personal Trainers

While Accolade Fitness does not employee personal trainers, we do allow authorized independent contractors to provide personal training in our gym. You must be a gym member to hire a personal trainer, and only independent contractors who have been pre-approved by Accolade Fitness may provide services. Members may not, under any circumstance, bring in their own personal trainers due to potential liability and legal issues

Doug Jones


Degree in Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology. Certified with American College of Sports Medicine and American Sports & Fitness Association.

I’ve been training clients for 30 years and started my own business, Extreme Condition, in 1999.  I’ve trained over 2,000 plus clients ranging from Elite Athletes, Body Building, Track and Field, Football Players and Golfers. I have worked with Senior’s for over 25 years as well as many clients that have needed rehabilitation. I also work with people with various health conditions or impairments.

It’s simple, pay me now or pay later.  The human body was designed to move, not just to sit or stand, it was made to contract muscles, to move fluids, pump blood and filter toxins out of the body.  Feeding it with the right nutrients, clean water and sleep will help your body to function in a way to help you maintain quality of life.  Because it not how long you live, it’s the quality of life you want to achieve.

Aaron White

BS Physical Education McPherson College
TRX: Certified
17 years in the fitness industry
Health and Wellness Coach
US Army Combat Veteran
Collegiate Football player McPherson College
Fit To Take On Life



Victoria Winn

Besides being a graduate of the Christian Coach Institute, she holds several certifications including:

Strength Sensei Level 2 Strength Coach (Studied under Charles Poliquin)

Precision Nutrition Level 2 Master Coach

American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer

As a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and life coach Victoria's passion is to help people on their journey toward health and fitness in all areas of their lives.

With over 40 years of coaching experience, she has trained people in gymnastics, pilates, strength, nutrition, weight loss, and overall health while creating a safe, fun, and encouraging environment.

In her younger years, Victoria enjoyed competing in gymnastics and body building, but now she enjoys cycling, cooking, and spending time with her family.


Keith Burrell

I have been into fitness for well over 25 years. I enjoy helping everyone I come into contact with to overcome their fears of using strength training to lose weight or gain muscle. My knowledge of strength and conditioning training will provide you with the guidance and confidence so you will have proper form, see results, and reap the many benefits of strength training. As a young man at the age of 18 after graduating High School I enlisted into the military and served in the Army for 20 consecutive years. There I was able to change the lives of thousands of Soldiers through strength training. As a lifetime natural bodybuilder and former athlete. I am passionate about helping our members train properly. I am confident that as your personal trainer. I can form a plan tailored to you and lead you in ensuring that your goals are met.

International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)

Certified Personal Trainer

Online Coaching Certified

Group Coaching Certified

Strength and Conditioning Certified

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certified

Specializing In/Target Members:

High/College Athletes

Military Members

Weight Loss Members

Bodybuilding Members

Strength and Conditioning

The Studio
Image by Alexis Gethin

We are conveniently located near Garden of the Gods off of Garden of the Gods Road, next door to Red Leg Brewing Company. Easy access from Manitou Springs.

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